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Ultimate Wash Day!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

It's Sunday night and you’ve been procrastinating to wash your child’s hair all week. You just ran a bubble bath for your little one while peacefully watching them splash water everywhere. You’re savoring this moment because you both know once you whip out the shampoo bottle and comb, your once peaceful kiddo will begin shedding bath time tears. With a glass of wine in one hand and the shampoo bottle in the other, you’re bracing yourself for the unforgettable-WASH DAY! RELAX RELAX -Wipe that image out of your head and put that glass of wine down. Those are how wash days used to be before the help of Ashle’ Taylor Collection.

Ashle’ Taylor's Collection is designed to help foster parents with Black children care for their natural. The collection provides natural products, tips for maintaining healthy hair, along with a video series that serves as a visual guide for styling your child’s natural hair.

I'm going to walk you through a list of steps that will make wash day so much enjoyable for yourself and child. Wash day can be super easy if you just prep your child’s hair for it. You may be thinking, “What do you mean prep their hair for wash day?”Here are a few tricks that may help you calm the hair-washing tantrums.

TIP 1- Detangle the hair before getting in the bath. One of the biggest mistake parents make is trying to comb though hair without any type of slip. THAT’S A BIG NO NO! Black hair is naturally dry so just trying to comb through it without any slip breaks and damages the hair. Section your child’s s hair into about 8-10 sections (Not too big but not too small). Get a spray bottle and grab a section of hair. Spray the hair until it is drenched. Next apply the Marshmallow Detangler .With a WIDE TOOTH COMB, begin combing through the hair. Start with the ends of the hair and work your way to the top until you can glide the comb though easily.

TIP 2- After detangling the section of hair and you can easily glide the comb, put the hair in a twist. Not only does this let you know that the section is already done, it will make detangling the hair after being shampooed and conditioned easy too! Continue sectioning the hair and detangling until you have 8-10 detangled twists.

TIP 3- YOUR ALMOST THERE! Now that your kiddo’s hair is detangled and in sectioned twists. Apply the Earth’s Secret Shampoo with the twists still in. You may be thinking this is odd to leave the hair in twists while applying the shampoo. However, sometimes applying shampoo to the hair and washing it can tangle the hair all over again from scrubbing the hair. Since we know children already dread wash day we want to make sure we make the process quick, easy, and pain free. You want to make sure your washing the hair in a downwards motion to avoid tangles. Don’t forget to set the scalp good to get rid of dandruff or product build-up.

TIP 4- Once you’re done washing the hair (the twists should still be in). If your kid’s hair unraveled during this process just simply twist the hair back in that section. Apply the Earth’s Secret Conditioner to the hair. Make sure to add water to the hair so the conditioner and water create a nice lather. With a WIDE TOOTH COMB, being taking down a twist and combing out that sectioned hair. Once it’s combed out, twist the section back up. Repeat this process until you’ve combed the conditioner through the hair.

TIP 5- Rinse out the conditioner. Rinse the hair going in downward motion to avoid tangles. Once the conditioner is completely out of the hair, squeeze the excess water out.

TIP 6- Wrap a micro fiber towel or old T-Shirt around the hair to soak up the excess water. It’s important to use a micro fiber towel because it absorbs water much more rapidly without the need for rubbing like a regular towel. It also reduces frizz leading to less breakage.

TIP 7-By now, the hair should be dry or 90% dry. The reason for keeping the hair in twists was so it would be easier to style and detangle. Let’s start taking down the twists one by one. We don’t want to work with dry hair so were going to take a spray bottle and begin spraying a twist. After the hair is wet, apply the Marshmallow Detangler. The best part about this detangler is that it can be used before and after the hair is washed to style or detangle the hair. Rub the detangler through the hair and begin to detangle the hair beginning with the ends. Once the twist is detangled, apply an oil to the scalp and ends of the hair. Ashle’ Taylor Collection provides the best hair oil, Magic Potion.

TIP 8- Style the hair! Ashle’ Taylor’s Collection provides a Flaxseed Curling Custard, Shea Smoothie Butter, Jelly Jello Gel, and Magic Potion Oil for styling hair!

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