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Detangling Curls!

How To Detangle Natural Hair

(Using Ashle' Taylor's Collection)

1. Using your hands, section your hair into six sections. Twist those sections so they are separate.

2. Take down a section and drench the hair using a spray bottle. It's important that the entire section in soaked. 

3.Apply the Marshmallow Detangler from Ashle' Taylor's Collection on the hair. Make sure the hair has enough product on the section to work with. 

4.Begin finger detangling before using a comb. Focus that detangler on the ends and work your way up with your fingers. 

5. Use a WIDE TOOTH COMB to start detangling. 

6. Start detangling from the ends of the hair and work your way up. During this time if you need more product, add water and go in with more detangler

7. Once the section is completely detangled, twist the hair and start on a new section

8. Be gentle & repeat

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