Hi Everyone,


My name is Ashle' Hall and I am the founder of Ashle' Taylor's Collection, an all-natural hair care line. During my career as a caseworker at Children, Youth, and Families (CYF), I recognized a lack of education among non-African American parents when it came to caring for their African American child's natural hair.

I also observed that in many cases, foster parents prefer to send their child to the hair salon. Proper education on caring for African American hair will allow foster parents to develop a parent-child bond that supersedes a trip to the salon. 


My mission is to educate foster parents about African American hair, as well as inspire young African American girls to embrace their beautiful natural hair.

My products are created with the best ingredients and are great to use on children and adults of all ages. I understand caring for African American hair in its natural state can be a challenge for some parents, but it's not impossible. Trust me & trust the process. 

Ashle' Taylor's Collection

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